Lt. Gov. Mike Stack talks about changing the election process for his position

Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack gives his take on changing the way Pennsylvania votes for the lieutenant governor.

Pennsylvania may be changing the way we elect our lieutenant governor.

Senate Bill 761 would call for candidates to run as a team, like we vote for president.

Some former lieutenant governors support the change.

We asked Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack about this.

"You have to have a lieutenant governor who can succeed the governor in case anything happens bare minimum," he said. "So, however the people of Pennsylvania decide that they want to elect a lieutenant governor is fine with me and I think that requires a constitutional change if they want to change it."

Stack is running for re-election in the primary next May, and faces five opponents, just on the Democratic side.

You can hear more from the lieutenant governor this Sunday morning at 10:30 during the Volpe Report.

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