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Locals Prepare for Sunday "Superbowl Flu" - Ahead of Super Monday

Locals Prepare for Sunday "Superbowl Flu" - Ahead of Super Monday (Photo credit: Melanie Zayas){ }{p}{/p}
Locals Prepare for Sunday "Superbowl Flu" - Ahead of Super Monday (Photo credit: Melanie Zayas)

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Each year, the Superbowl draws in an average of 100 million viewers but did you know nearly 17 million of them call off work the day after the Big Game?

In America, next Monday is considered the biggest "sick out" following the Superbowl.

If you haven't already heard about the Superbowl flu - the symptoms may be a little to easy to tell.

12% of people claim having a headache, 14% say it's a sore throat, while 26% claim having a fever.

So most likely if you're working on February 3rd - you might see less of your coworkers around.

"A couple times I got called in because people couldn't show up and they all of a sudden got sick that night or the night before," says Wilkes-Barre resident, Keith Polerecki.

Pilney Nivens, says it's something he's definitely used to seeing happen every year where he works.

"All the time, the thing is if you're gonna call out, call out earlier but don't call out the day of. Just do it the right way," says Nivens.

A fitness director from Odyssey Fitness in Wilkes-Barre shares a few tips for those planning to watch the game.

"In the morning of the Superbowl, getting in a good little workout before hand. I know the morning after sometimes could be hard so trying as best as getting to bed at a decent time but staying hydrated the day of," says Crystal Wright.

Regardless of an inevitable work schedule, the Monday after doesn't seem to stop most people from having their Superbowl fun.

"I'll be watching the game and hopefully drinking a little bit and having fun at the buffet," says Laflin resident, Mike McGinley.

Be sure to check out our social media poll to weigh in on #SuperMonday.

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