Local printer makes the Eagles championship shirts

Kevin's Worldwide prints the Eagles Championship t-shirts

If you bought a new Eagles championship shirt today chances are it came from a distributor right here in our area.

Kevin's Worldwide in Scranton got the contract to print between 13 to 14-thousand shirts.

Workers there started doing that immediately after the big game wrapped up. And they worked through the night finishing up around 9 Monday morning.

Scott Tinkelmanm from Kevin's Worldwide, said, "We've got a team that was excited about it. They were excited beforehand, most of them are eagles them. But we have a couple rogue Patriots fans but they came in to watch the game together. We had pizza. If there had been a lead we could have started printing earlier, but there wasn't. So as soon as that was over, and the congratulations and high fives were over, we went to print."

You can't actually purchase the shirts at the distributor. They were shipped out this afternoon and may now be at a store near you.

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