Local Girl Scouts explore STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

It's not just camps, crafts, and cookies anymore.

The Girl Scouts organization has been steadily evolving to make sure young women are well-rounded in all aspects of life.

"Girl Scouts is girl-led, and all about girl empowerment, making sure that girls have a voice, find their path, and explore what they want to do with their lives," said Amber Trunzo, Regional Director for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania.

The organization now introduces Scouts of every age to science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, to help them see how they can improve the world—whether they're discovering how a car's engine runs, learning to manage finances, or exploring the digital world.

"I like technology a lot," said Maddie Misliski of Dunmore.

"Last year I got to fly a drone from a laptop!"

Women make up about 50 percent of the country's workforce, but in the areas STEM, only 24 percent of those jobs are held by women.

Girl Scouts in The Heart of Pennsylvania now holds STEM expos, one of them this Saturday at East Stroudsburg University, where girls can conduct experiments and learn from experts in STEM fields.

"We put on these different expos to show the girls these businesses out there, and give them an opportunity to actually get their hands on and do some of these activities," said Trunzo.

"In STEM events you can do things like build stuff out of toothpicks and marshmallows and see if it will work because of its weight, it's fun" said Catherine Gilhooly.

"I could definitely see myself someday working in the area," said her sister Megan.

After this Saturday's event at ESU, the next Girl Scouts STEM Expo will be held at Millersville University on May 19th.

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