Local gerrymandering reform activists think new congressional map still needs work

HARRISBURG (WOLF) -- Lawmakers in Harrisburg are confident in the new proposed state congressional map currently being reviewed Governor Wolf.

But some gerrymandering reform activists are not completely pleased by the new changes.

That new proposal was written by two Republican leaders and keeps nearly 70 percent of residents in their old districts.

They say the new map is constitutional.

Democratic leaders are urging Governor Wolf to reject the map because the entire General Assembly was not involved in its creation.

Volunteers with Fair Districts PA say the map looks better than it did before, but it still needs some work.

“Montgomery County is still divided four ways and none of the representatives live in Montgomery County – none of the congressmen live in Montgomery County. So those voters are continually marginalized in this new map. Reading is another problem area where Reading is still taken out of Berks County, out of its suburbs and put into Lancaster County in that district," Chris Bednar, with Fair Districts PA, said.

Fair Districts P-A wants lawmakers to pass House Bill 722 and Senate Bill 22.

They would create an independent citizens commission to handle the state's redistricting process.

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