Local florists prepare for Valentine's Day

It's all hands on deck for the next two days at Monzie's Floral Design in Tunkhannock.

"We usually work 12-16 hour days right now," said store owner and designer Monica LaBar-Hughes.

"We work like a well-oiled machine even though it looks like pure craziness and chaos!"

Monzie's even had to bring in some back-up this season to help with demand.

"For Valentine's Day this year we actually did have to bring in a freelance designer so she's in the back right now just doing dozens and dozens of roses."

Even though roses are always a traditional staple for the holiday, LaBar-Hughes says unique, mixed arrangements are becoming much more popular.

"You don't have to pick something that's just a typical dozen, our favorite designs to do are the more loose and free form, the more organic, homegrown, not really structured look."

Something many people may not realize is that when you order flowers from a national retailer, for example, 1-800-FLOWERS, the orders are actually fulfilled in local shops...

So the florists at Monzie's recommend bypassing the national chain websites and going directly to a local shop in your community, not only to get the best product available, but to save yourself some money as well.

"It's definitely a win-win....if you're ordering directly from a local florist you know exactly what they have in their cooler, exactly what came in that day, what's the freshest, but also you're saving yourself money, because going through the bigger chains, going through wire services, they tend to charge you a lot more...

...they tend to up-sell $15-$30 per order, but we don't do that. We charge a minimal delivery fee and just the state sales tax on top of what your order."

Monzie's estimates they will deliver around 250 arrangements on Valentine's Day, and have about 200 ready for pick-up.

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