Local firefighter honored for saving man's life


On Monday night, Hanover Township Fire Lieutenant Chris Halecki was recognized for saving a man's life after his pacemaker stopped working.

A few weeks ago, Mike Piscotty and his 82-year old father were at his son's basketball game at MMI Prep in Freeland.

With thirty seconds left in the game, Piscotty was talking to his dad when the unthinkable happened.

"All of the sudden, I wasn't getting any answers back; someone from behind him yelled, 'he's falling! He's falling! We need help!' I quickly got out of my seat, caught him. Lady behind me got ahold of him also, and got him to the floor,” Piscotty said.

Just a few rows behind them, Halecki was also there, watching his friend's game.

"Was following the play of the game, and then we noticed about three rows down in front of me, a gentleman pretty much collapsed,” Halecki said.

That's when he flew into action.

Halecki realized Piscotty's dad wasn't breathing.

So with the help of some parents, he was able to get a defibrillator on the floor.

He quickly worked on the elderly man and was eventually able to get a heart rate after about two minutes.

Piscotty credits the firefighter with saving his dad's life.

"It was an act of courage, bravery, and from the bottom of my heart I thanked him as best as I could,” Piscotty said.

Halecki's humbled by the experience but doesn't like the attention.

"Just want to show more joy that he's able to be with his family and see his grandson play basketball, and see that stuff go on then any recognition that I should receive,” Halecki added.

Piscotty says it's a lesson not to take anything for granted.

"Everybody grouped together. It was unbelievable the way everybody just worked together as a team. It's like one family to bring my dad back to life. I'm grateful,” Piscotty said.

Piscotty's dad is doing well now, and is looking forward to getting back to seeing his grandson play basketball.

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