Local Eagles fan creates memory of a lifetime on road trip to Super Bowl LII

Courtdale resident Andy Minnick at Super Bowl LII in Minnesota.

There were many Philadelphia Eagles fans at Super Bowl LII.

And for was the trip of a lifetime, watching the team he's rooted for since he was a child win their first-ever Lombardi Trophy in Minneapolis.

FOX56's Erin Dugan Skyped with the superfan from Luzerne County Monday afternoon during his 17-hour drive back to Pennsylvania.

On Super Bowl Sunday last year, Andy Minnick, along with his wife Lurena, announced they were pregnant with a little Eagles fan...

Little did Braxton know....

that over the weekend, his dad would be in attendance at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota for one of the most memorable moments of his life.

"My dad made the trip with me, we road-tripped up here," said Minnick from the passenger seat.

"Originally, my wife and I wanted to go, but it wasn't feasible for both of us to do it, so she said, 'Please, you go, it's your lifelong dream, get up there somehow', and my dad was willing to come up here with me, hang out with me all weekend, and then I went into the game by myself."

Although he entered the game by himself, he wouldn't be alone for long...

"The fans came and they showed out at the Super Bowl, there was probably two-to-one Eagles fans compared to Patriots fans last night and it means everything to me."

So what does it feel like to watch your team win their first Super Bowl in person?

"I would say it was the third best day of my life, it ranks up there with marrying my wife and seeing the birth of our son. I was extremely filled with emotion and had to fight back tears."

Even though he wished his family was with him to celebrate the big win, he was able to send them a message.

"I was on NBC Sports behind Michael Barkann on Friday in the Mall(of America) and I flashed a little message to my wife and Braxton across the screen on my phone. I said,

'Lurena and Braxton, love and miss you, wish you were here'.

Even though the round-trip drive to Minnesota is around thirty-five hours, Minnick said it was worth every minute.

"Absolutely!! 100% worth it!!"

Andy and his family will be making the trip to Philadelphia this Thursday for the Eagles Victory Parade.

"Wouldn't miss it."

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