Local company helps Snyder Co. man with cerebral palsy

    Local company helps Snyder Co. man with cerebral palsy

    Meet Middleburg resident -- Adam Catlin.

    He has cerebral palsy, which can make everyday activities harder.

    That includes performing his job at Walmart where he's worked for 10 years.

    But thanks to this new wheelchair, it'll be easier to get around.

    "I'm ready for a new start," Adam Catlin said.

    Catlin was previously at risk of losing his job when he found out his role as a "greeter" had changed.

    It would require him to do things he normally can't do because of his cerebral palsy, like lift heavy objects.

    After public outcry, he will now work as a "self-checkout host" starting next month.

    When Quantum Rehab heard about his story they decided to step in.

    Today they donated this Power Chair called the "iLevel."

    "Adam gets to elevate up twelve inches and drive, while elevated at four and a half miles per hour and he gets to look at people instead of looking up at people," Michael Dicello, of Quantum Rehab, said.

    It's a game changer for Catlin who says he's had to use an assisted walker or manual wheelchair, which can be exhausting for him.

    He even got to pick the color he wanted.

    Orange, for the Baltimore Orioles, his favorite baseball team.

    "It's a good thing this gentleman here can now actually get to the stadium and not wish he were higher to actually see the game."

    And Catlin is already thinking ahead.

    "I'm going to Disney World in September so I'm going to take a day and cruise at Disney," Catlin said.

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