LCCC issues alert to students after report of gun on campus


NANTICOKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- Just after 1 o’clock this afternoon, students at Luzerne County Community College received an alert notifying them of a report of a gun sighting on campus.

Campus security say a student saw people near a parked car in the student parking lot – one displaying a handgun, which are not allowed on campus.

The incident happened later in the day on Monday, but was only reported today.

Within 30 minutes, campus security says the alert was sent out.

“We notified the police immediately, that’s per our policy, notify the police. The police responded and we pretty much simultaneously sent out what’s called an early warning, timely warning actually. Its required under Cleary statutes to notify the college community that an incident had been reported to us that involved a handgun,” LCCC Director of Safety and Security Bill Barrett said.

Now, campus security is on heightened alert and has increased patrols.

Officials are asking students to remain vigilant, observe safety precautions, and to report any suspicious activity immediately.

Some students took precautions of their own.

“It did make me nervous. I was actually doing a project in class and it made me want to turn around and leave. Like should I get out of here or should I stay? I don’t know what I should do. My instincts told me to leave so I’m actually just returning to do my homework," LCCC student Michael Clark said.

While others say they aren't worried.

“I went to college in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia so I’ve definitely seen more serious alerts, so when I read the alert I could tell that it was immediately not a very serious issue, but security should always be a serious subject and it should always be a safe place to be on campus," LCCC student Steven Nogick said.

Michael says he’s glad campus security reacted the way it did.

“I think it was a good thing that they sent out an alert because its hard to talk to people through telephones and everything like that. You know, a lot of people don’t answer their text messages and everything so. It was good because I received an alert in my email and in a text message.”

Nanticoke Police are handling that investigation.

Campus security says they will send out a press release when there are more updates.

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