Latest Nor’easter leaves truck drivers stranded in the Poconos


People in the Poconos are digging out.

That region saw the most snowfall from Wednesday’s storm.

9 inches fell in Mt. Pocono.

It snarled traffic on Route 940, and caused a headache for many truck drivers who were stranded for several hours.

Truck driver Jonathan Taylor has had better days.

“It gets very old but it pays the bills,” Taylor, who’s from Chicago, said.

When we caught up with him earlier Wednesday night, he and many other truck drivers had been parked in an empty shopping center in Mt. Pocono for what felt like an eternity.

“10 hours and 4 minutes,” he said.

Taylor passed the time by listening audio books and dreaming about food.

“I’ve been looking at McDonald’s like, wow no lights!”

Throughout much of the day, large commercialized vehicles were prohibited from traveling on Interstate 380 while the snow fell and plow drivers worked to clear the roads.

“For me everything is at a standstill. I don’t know which way I’ll be going. I don’t know if I’ll be going North, South, East or West when I leave here,” Taylor added.

Truck drivers aren’t the only one’s frustrated with this second Nor’Easter in less than a week.

Stephanie Arnold has just about had it with winter.

“I think Old Man Winter and Mother Nature are having a holy fight right now! I think Old Man Winter’s winning! That’s the problem. We more Girl Power I guess,” Arnold exclaimed.

Her gas station on Route 611 in Swiftwater has been without power since the first storm rolled through last Friday and knocked down this tree into power lines.

“They’re hoping to get it done today. They’re trying to get to the poles to restore the transformers that were burnt out,” Arnold said.

But others, like Mathew Corpes, are taking it in stride.

He isn’t going to let a little bit of snow ruin his special day.

“It’s my birthday today, so I’ve just been relaxing and having fun I guess.”

Corpes agreed snow is quite the birthday present.

“I guess that stupid groundhog was right. At this point I’m ready to call all the hunters, that way they can take care of that little thing,” Arnold added.

The highest recorded snowfall total was in Monroe County was 11.8 inches in Bartonsville.

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