Last Pearl Harbor survivor in Lackawanna County recalls day of infamy

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- 77 years ago the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Friday, December 7th, our country remembers that day of infamy.

One of the last survivors of the Japanese invasion is a Scranton native, not to mention a Purple Heart winner and Silver Star recipient.

Walter Pasiak was 19 when he enlisted in the military, and says he was proud to serve.

He's currently 96 years old.

"I just came out of the mess hall, I had breakfast, and was ready to go on duty, but the attack changed plans. I had to go to the supply room and get a machine gun and go out on my own and fire at any aircraft that flew over," said Pasiak.

Walter was a heavy weapons instructor and operated a fifty-caliber machine gunner.

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