Laflin mayor resigns over police patrol dispute; new mayor appointed

    The Laflin Borough Building on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.<p>{/p}

    T here is a new mayor in Laflin Borough.

    The previous one resigned Sunday after nearly ten years on the job.

    On Tuesday night, Judge David Lupus swore-in Maureen Zavislak as Laflin Borough's next mayor.

    Council members voted the life-long resident into office.

    However, it was a few years earlier than she expected.

    "There hasn't been a lot of fun. I keep saying that we need to breathe life back into Laflin. So, I hope to do that,” Zavislak said.

    On Sunday, Dorothy Yazurlo resigned with two years left in her second term.

    She says her decision was based off continued frustration over bringing a regional police force to the borough.

    "Obviously, I understand her position. She had an agenda, and she feels that has subsided with our recent election and turn of events with the voters,” Paul Benderavich, council president, said.

    Right now, Pennsylvania State Police patrols the borough.

    Yazurlo wanted to end the agreement with State Police and have a regional department cover the borough.

    She supported a plan to pay nearby Jenkins Township $65,000 a year to cover the area.

    A majority of council doesn't support either plan.

    "12, 14 calls a month and it's not felony one's or anything like that. Speeding, false alarms, burglar alarms. It doesn't warrant spending really any kind of money. Laflin's very fortunate that we don't have any crime,” Benderavich added.

    Right now, taxpayers pay State Police for the amount of calls they respond to each month.

    "I just think that spending $65,000 to $69,000 with Jenkins, or going into the regionalization, it would have cost $179,000 to $215,000. It really isn't worth it,” Zavislak said.

    Zavislak will finish out the previous mayor's term.

    She can then run again in 2019.

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