Lackawanna County files appeal after reassessment ruling

On Wednesday, Lackawanna County officially filed an appeal after a panel of judges ruled any votes cast during next Tuesday's election, for a question about a county-wide reassessment, will be "null and void."

Petitioners objected to the wording, saying the wording is too confusing.

Two judges agreed with that, while another voted against, saying petitioners failed to show burden of proof.

Chuck Volpe is one of two county petitioners who filed the objection to the question.

He believes the county should re-work the question and propose it again in May.

"The point is there is absolutely no immediate and irreparable harm. Hence, they cannot get emergency stay. Hence, they have no chance to get this reversed prior to Tuesday. The Tuesday vote will not count,” Volpe said.

"It we didn't think we were right; we wouldn't be appealing. Like any court cases, there are two possible: you win or you lose. And we don't see this as one that we're climbing uphill. We think we're on a flat playing surface,” Joseph O’Brien, an attorney representing the county, said.

It's unclear when a judge will rule on the appeal.

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