King's College women's basketball

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When a new coaching staff took over the women’s basketball program at king’s college 2 years ago one of the first recruiting stops was in the Wyoming valley conference.

Coach Caitlin Hadzimichalis said " I think it is very important especially if you are trying to build a fan base, trying to get people excited about your team. Especially since there are some good talented players."

In all 6 ballers with ties to the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley conferences are on the Monarch’s roster.

Junior Alexis Steeber says " it is actually really awesome. It’s like you fight them all throughout high school and sometimes your like oh my gosh, and then you come in here. Olivia, she went to Valley West that was our biggest rival and then coming in and playing with her is like really funny. But it is so awesome because you know how they play we just really fit well together."

Sophomore Rebecca Prociak says " it was weird at first but then when you are able to see that you can mess with these people and when you develop chemistry with them it is just such an experience because in high school you get to play against them and the you come then you get to play with them."

However it’s as worked king’s Is playing some of its best basketball in years.

Senior Olivia Hoffman says " with all of us the whole team overall, I think this year we are able to run the ball, move in transition which is really going to help us open up offense and defense, getting back on defense which is really nice."

Last week kings surpassed their win total from a year ago when they beat Delaware Valley. With the local talent playing at a high level the expectations for the monarchs for this season are high.

Steeber added " Definitely making playoffs that is our number one goal right now. Obviously our top goal is winning the MAC but right now it is like baby steps you got to do it get to the playoffs first."

the second year coach added " We need to get into the playoffs for Hoffman "

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