Keystone Lacrosse

Keystone Lacrosse

Coach Joe Ladato knew what he was getting into when he took over the two-year lacrosse program at Keystone College before last season, despite the win/loss record the Giants program in on the way up.

“If you kind of look at some of our scores, some of our statistics, we have really made some improvements now it is about, we have a lot of new guys, freshman, transfers, things like that now it is kind of trying to get it to click together for 60 minutes," said Ladato.

“We actually have kids we can substitute this year. It makes a big difference when you have a bigger sideline then just a few guys," a senior, Matt Harris, said.

Those increased numbers have helped Keystone bring in more Lacrosse type players.

For the first three seasons, the Giants were forced to use athletes from other sports.

"We have a lot more players that have a lot more stick stills. We are definitely getting the right personnel in here and getting new offenses," said Caleb Strope.

"Last year we were at a point we were one or two guys a way from having a solid 6 man group,now you are seeing that not only are we able to have a good solid balance between attack and midfield now wetwo pretty decent lines of mid field," said Ladato.

Keystone will wrap up their 4th season with two games over the weekend and then meet Marywood Wednesday in the season finale. The Giants are hoping to gain momentum as a program heading into the off season.

"I would like to see us pull out at least a couple of games. We’ve got very winnable games and I want to finish strong and on a high note. Especially since it is my last season," said Strope.

How much would it mean to beat Marywood ?

"It would mean quite a bit considering we have not beaten them yet and that they are right down the road and they are in our conference. It is kind of a rivalry game and being from this area personally it would be a big impact if we could end up winning that game," Harris said.

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 4 p.m. is a high school girls lacrosse contact between Dallas and Abington Heights.

Following that at 7:30 p.m., Marywood battles Keystone College in a men's college game.

Both games can be seen on MYTV-WQMY.

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