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Keystone College 'Sugar Shack'

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The first day of maple tree tapping was underway at Keystone College.

The delicious maple syrup is finally flowing from the maple trees in the woodlands area on campus.

This long cold winter prevented the maple trees from being tapped earlier this season.

Kelly Stewart, Director at the Woodlands Campus at Keystone College explained:

“We tapped the trees several weeks ago however we had to wait for a warm-up or the sap to be flowing and today we have that.”

Students are learning traditional ways of making maple syrup with technics that date back hundreds of years.

Stewart continued:

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“Originally it would have been Native Americans that found out that sugar maples produced such a high sugar content in the sap. They would have boiled down the sap using hollowed-out logs and heated stones, it was a very long process to bring it into the syrup until it was hard enough to transport easily.”

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