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'It's a problem': Luzerne County still needs rougly '35 to 40' poll workers for primary

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Eryn Harvey, deputy election director.jpg
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We are just three weeks away from the May 18 primary election.

But Luzerne County faces a big problem. Right now- there are nowhere near enough poll workers signed up to work on election day.

"It is hard to find people, because it is a big commitment," Eryn Harvey, deputy election director, said Tuesday.

"I'm not sure what the problem is. I don't know if people are still scared because of COVID or what's going on," Harvey said.

Typically at a polling place, according to Harvey, you need a judge of elections, an inspector, a clerk and a machine operator. Roughly four to five people, depending on size, at each ward.

Harvey says right now, the county is roughly 35 to 40 workers short, adding that zero people have signed up in Conyngham Township, Larksville Ward II and Nanticoke Ward II.

"People are saying it's not that big of an election. but in reality it's just as important as a presidential, because you're voting on council, school board, mayor, so all the things that actually impact your day to day life."

Luzerne County councilman Harry Haas wasn't too surprised to hear there's a poll worker problem- despite workers being able to earn more than $200 for the day.

"We've seen a decrease in the amount of poll workers we have," Haas said. "Traditionally, a lot of older folks have been there in some cases for many decades. This time around, I think many people are really skeptical of the process."

"We need to restore trust, to show that our elections are secure, it is important to come out and vote and we need to have 100 percent involvement from the public," Haas said.

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If you're interested in working the polls, you can fill out an online application at

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