It finally feels like Spring!

A young girl enjoys the warm Spring weather in Kirby Park on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Hopefully you got a chance to spend some time outside Friday.

That's because it finally feels like Spring.

It seemed like everyone's smile was a little wider in Kirby Park today.

By late morning, temperatures had soured into the seventies.

It's a welcome relief, and everyone seems to agree: it's been a brutal few months in the weather department.

"It was very depressing. So as soon as we heard that it was going to be warm out today, we knew we had to go outside,” Aly Setcavage, of Wilkes-Barre, said.

"It was pretty hard this winter, definitely. But not it's nice out and just need to get outside and it feels good,” Zach Russell, of Scranton, said.

Even the littlest one's got to enjoy a break from the indoors to hit the playground.

"I homeschool and we're in the house a lot. So, we spend as much time outside. As long as it's below 10, we're outside,” Keri Misson, of Wilkes-Barre, said.

With a beautiful forecast for the weekend, Misson and her family plan to spend as much time outside as possible.

Next stop: Seven Tubs.

She was shocked our Brian Sheehan never heard of it.

"What?! It's seven tubs of water, thanks to the mountain. It comes down off the mountain. If you're brave enough, you can ride them the whole way down,” Misson said.

Now, if exercise isn't your thing, there’s plenty of places to get frozen custard in our area this weekend. Like Josie's here in Kingston.

The store was only open for about a half hour when we arrived.

However, there was already dozens of customers lining up for frozen treats.

Bob Letinski was enjoying something good when we caught up with him.

"Jeez, I forget. Cookie Dough. Cookie Dough Italian Ice,” Letinski said.

Letinski, like many others, is just happy for an excuse to wear short sleeves.

I've been telling everybody, take the day off! You should take the day off and go home” he added.

But like anything in life, the warm weather isn't guaranteed to last forever.

"Be outside and enjoy it. You know, Mother Nature is going to do some funny things, and that's ok. Pretty soon everyone will be complaining about how hot it is. They'll forget about all the snow and how cold it was,” Misson added.

There's also plenty of outdoor events happening across the area this weekend.

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