Inside the life size gingerbread house at SkyTop Lodge in the Poconos

A gingerbread tree inside the gingerbread house

Gumdrops and licorice and frosting...oh my!

The Gingerbread House at SkyTop Lodge in Monroe County is quite the sight and quite the culinary feat. Planning for the house starts in early July, and it takes a four-person crew over 300 hours to assemble.

Christa Sapone - Skytop Lodge Pastry Chef: "In the beginning of September we started making all of the dough in our 60-quart mixer, and it took the whole month of September to make all the dough for the house, so probably around 300 pounds of Gingerbread to cover the inside and outside of the house."

Skytop pastry chef Christa Sapone is especially proud of the 100% candy and gingerbread walkway surrounding the house.

Christa Sapone - Skytop Lodge Pastry Chef: "The stepping stones are chocolate-covered gingerbread. I used gumballs of three different sizes on the pathway, and we also used gobstoppers."

And if you're a chocolate fan, well you're in luck. This year's theme is based on the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...and they even have a working white chocolate fountain inside.

Christa Sapone - Skytop Lodge Pastry Chef: “In the movie there's a lot of different colors, and a lot of different chocolate, that's why I wanted to use all the candy this year with so many different colors."

John and Toni Brady have been coming to SkyTop Lodge the past few holiday seasons , and look forward to walking into the lobby each year to see what the culinary crew has come up with...

John Brady from Philadelphia says, "They have all the chocolate inside, it's different from last year. We think that it's pretty neat that they take the trouble to change it around every year and make it unique. We really enjoy it."

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