Injured State Police Corporal is a Wayne County native


There is new information about the PSP trooper shot yesterday during a traffic stop.

We've learned he is 13-year-veteran Corporal Seth Kelly, married to someone in law enforcement.

Corporal Kelly is stationed in Northampton County.

But grew up near Honesdale.

Many in the small town say they've become numb to hearing about violence.

But news that a PA State Trooper and Honesdale native was shot during a traffic stop yesterday still shocks some.

"It's different to see it in like our backyard and so close to home. Usually you hear about this stuff in like the really big major cities."

Investigators say 22-year-old Daniel Clary, of Effort, Monroe County, is the suspect.

After handing out a ticket, Trooper Ryan Seiple was about to pull away from the scene when Clary got out of his car and flagged him down.

Once Clary was back in his car, Seiple suspected Clary was under the influence of marijuana and called for backup.

That's when Corporal Kelly arrived.

Clary failed a field sobriety test.

The officers tried to arrest Clary but he resisted and a two and a half minute fight began.

"It was a heck of a knock-down drag out fight. When you're out there along the side of the road doing that and you have vehicles whizzing by you, that's a very, very long time to tussle with someone alongside the road."

The troopers tased him but he broke free and was able to get a pistol from his car.

That's when investigators say Clary began shooting, hitting Corporal Kelly in his neck, shoulder area, and leg.

Injured, Kelly, along with his partner, returned fire - hitting Clary.

Kelly fell over the guardrail.

That's when he pulled a tourniquet from his belt.

Clary then got in his car and drove off.

"Even through all of this, he carries a tourniquet on his belt. He was able to have the wherewithal to pull that tourniquet off his belt and apply it to one of his wounds."

Police say that tourniquet most likely saved his life.

"It's terrible that all these things are happening to law enforcement officers."

Corporal Kelly will have another surgery sometime in the next day to remove a bullet.

As for the suspected shooter, he's facing several charges including attempted homicide.

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