Hospice patient says "I Do"

Hospice patient says "I Do"

WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WOLF) -- It's bride's crowning moment - walking down the isle towards the love of her life.

"Yep, marrying my best friend," said Bride-to-be Julie Lynn Jett.

Her husband Donald is known by many as the "smiling man".

"He is someone who lights up a room when he smiles. He always says it's a nervous smile but I say, 'no, there's something special about you,'" said Geisinger Hospice Nurse Jami Cordell.

Smiling ear to ear, Julie Lynn sees her fate in front of her - 24 years in the making.

"It's overwhelming though. I've been waiting a long, long time for this," she shares.

Even though they have only been planning a wedding for 8 days.

"This was something new and we were excited and it fell together and here we are," said Cordell.

Last week Donald was put on hospice care.

"I don't know how long his time's going to be. And I was just so thankful when we woke up this morning because I knew God made this day for us, because last night was iffy," said Julie.

Donald has been sick for four years and is now in end stage renal and heart failure.

He and Julie have been officially a couple for three and a half.

"Julie is the bravest person that I know. He is the epitome of kind and just full of life. And it's not fair sometimes," said Cordell.

But in sickness and in health.

"Their love has already been demonstrated long before today," the Geisinger chaplain read aloud.

Taking each others hands

"Donald, I accept this ring as a symbol of our love," Julie repeated.

Regardless of an uncertain future.

"Donald, you may now kiss your wife."

The crowd of loved ones and caregivers clapped.

And with some cake and bubbly, they cheers to a what seemed impossible just a week ago, becoming possible.

"All I can say is this is definitely fate by God," said Julie.

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