Homecoming: Senator Bob Casey campaigns in Lackawanna County

Bob Casey campaigns in Dunmore on May 19, 2018

It was a homecoming of sorts for U. S. Senator Bob Casey Saturday night.

Casey, a Scranton native, kicked off the general election campaign season this week, stopping at the AFSCME branch in Dunmore.

He spoke to a crowd about the upcoming election vowing to defeat his opponent, Republican nominee, Lou Barletta.

"People are charged up about voting in November already," Casey said, "If they could vote tomorrow they would and people want to vote because they want change. They don't like the path that we're on. They want us to focus on the middle class, on wages, on lifting wages and helping the middle class with these burdens they've been carrying around for a long time"

Casey says his focus this election is fighting for the middle class.

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