Holiday tipping and gifting advice

WOLF-TV (Scranton, Lackawanna County)-From your hairstylist to your housekeeper...your daycare provider to your dog walker...these people make our lives easier all year round. During the holiday season, we want to show our thanks with a special tip or gift.

...But who gets a holiday tip and how much? Local financial professional Chris Scalese from Fortune Financial joins us with his guide to gratuity....

"Just like you have a budget for your loved ones, your children, spouse and family members, you should have a budget for your tips, your service providers, so you can not blow the budget with different aspects," said Scalese.

Want to give a little "thank you" to your year-round beauty professional? Scalese says a good amount to spend would be equivalent to about one of your visits.

"If you pay, for example, $50 for your hair treatment at your beauty salon, that would be an appropriate tip this time of year."

This "one session" tipping idea can carry over to child care as well.

"For any kind of day care, or babysitting service, direct recommendation is one night's pay for that babysitter. For your daycare, they recommend $25 to$50."

Someone we often to think to put on our holiday gift list?

Our mail carriers...

...but according to Scalese, technically they are not allowed to accept just any gift.

"For your postal carrier, that's where it gets tricky. There are rules that say a postal carrier cannot accept any type of monetary gifts or gift cards, so maybe some type of homemade treats or donuts or something like that would be appreciated."

Some people we spoke with in downtown Scranton disagree with the no-cash rule for carriers.

"I think it's wrong, they should be able to accept gratuities, because of the hard work they do all year long," said Jack from Scranton.

Cash tips for your mail carriers may not be accepted, but if you're an avid online shopper and have Fed-Ex or UPS deliveries coming often, Scalese says:

"For those delivery drivers, depending on how often you get service throughout the year, the recommendation is anywhere from 25 to 50 dollars."

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