Hillary Clinton speaks at Geisinger


On the one-year anniversary of her concession speech to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, sporting a broken foot, walked across the stage at Geisinger's National Healthcare Symposium in Danville.

The week-long event featured several leaders in health.

But the former First Lady, Secretary of State, and presidential candidate was the keynote speaker.

The discussion took place in front of medical professionals from all over the country.

"I think it's really fantastic that we have national leaders on health care policy coming to Danville Pennsylvania,” Jennifer Wagner, with Geisinger, said.

The topic: revitalizing America's Healthcare System.

"We are woefully behind and you know we've tried, obviously for the last 25 years quite diligently and the only way we can get forward was with The Affordable Care Act, which was clearly a compromise. Everybody understands that,” Clinton said.

Clinton says she hopeful there could be serious discussion in Washington now that efforts to repeal and replace The ACA failed.

But she fears some in Washington will continue to undermine both the current system and the expansion of Medicaid.

"The politics of this are toxic. They're unhealthy and they are hurting our effort to really try to move forward in a way that better rationalizes the cost and the delivery systems and that's what we should be talking about,” Clinton said.

During the discussion, Clinton also touched on the opioid crisis in America and how it's greatly impacting rural communities like right here in Central Pennsylvania.

"Clearly what we're doing is not working. We are up to 90 deaths a day in our country. We are going to surpass gun violence and that's horrific,” Clinton said.

We're told Clinton waived her fee for the event and spoke for free.

The week-long event raps up Friday.

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