Help for businesses affected by last week's tornado

Help is on the way for businesses that suffered damage from last week's EF2 tornado in Wilkes-Barre Township.

Thursday was the first day many found out about programs that could help make up for some of the loss.

Business owners, managers, and workers flocked to the Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency in Wilkes-Barre Thursday morning.

There they learned about possible low-interest loans from the government as well as assistance for anyone workers who lost their jobs.

"This is just a freak incident that came in and caused a lot of havoc," Kenneth Scharlatt said.

Scharlatt is the manager at Teasers Gentlemen's Club, which saw some damage.

"We are hoping we can bring everybody back."

Kurlancheek Home Furnishings is one of several businesses that can't reopen at the moment. Their building on Mundy street is set to be demolished Friday. Owner Ronne Kurlancheek is happy to know that she may be able to apply for a low-interest loan for aid.

"We've been so concerned about getting in touch with our customers that have open orders, getting in touch with our insurance company, making sure out employees know that everything is going to continue," Kurlancheek said.

Richard Parry says there are CareerLink presentations being held over the next few days for anyone who lost their job. You can find that information here.

If you were not able to attend the meeting but need assistance, you're asked to reach out to the Luzerne County EMA for forms

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