Health First | Cookie dough dangers

The FDA is sending up a new red flag about sampling any cookie dough before it's baked.

Calories were once the biggest thing to worry when eating all those Christmas cookies, then it was tasting cookie dough made with raw eggs and now that warning is extended to raw flour.

The FDA says some people have gotten sick from eating raw flour while baking; others just from touching it.

"Because you're looking at flour and it's a powdery substance, it can go everywhere and you increase your risk," said Karina Verespy, a Commonwealth Health registered dietitian.

She also says there are some guidelines to follow when using flour:

"We want to make sure you're washing your hands, cutting boards and utensils that come in contact with the flour."

The FDA also says throw away any recalled flour and always follow package instructions.

But there is one bright spot if you crave that cookie dough taste.

"We do have cookie dough that's safe in ice cream, that's pasteurized so it's safe," Verespy said.

And to really be on the safe side when baking, here are two recommendations: Don't use eggs and, and bake the flour before using it your recipe.

Because most of our holiday cookie recipes use conventional ingredients, the biggest online search—going forward will mostly likely be for eggless and flourless cookie recipes.

For a list of all the recalled flour brands, go to and search for recalls.

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