Hardware store in Luzerne Co. closing after 37 years

Dallas Hardware

It's often hard to say goodbye, especially to something that's been such a mainstay in the community.

"My father worked at both Eastern Penn Supply Company, and then worked at Benton Foundry, and this was his dream. He opened it in 1981 with me and my mother," said Michele Geise.

To Geise's family, owning Dallas Centre Hardware has continued that dream come true for 37 years.

But it's now coming to a close after a couple years that weren't so dreamy.

"I have to make a certain amount to pay my bills. I just want to break even at this point," she said.

Geise says the Dallas round-a-bout construction combined with bad weather the last two years has kept most of their business away.

They're now liquidating everything.

"Financially we were hit so hard that we can't recover from it," she said.

Owners had hoped to be able to restructure into a plumbing and heating supply company but, decided against it, they wrote on Facebook.

All this comes as sad news to long-time customers.

"I think it means a lot to the community, to have a hardware store like this around," said customer Basil Thier, who recalls his first time coming in decades ago, to buy parts for dairy farm equipment.

Many customers, like Thier, say the area won't be the same, and that Dallas Centre hardware has kept more localized inventory that the big box stores don't have.

"Back here in the mountain, we really need a hardware store and other stuff because it's quite a ways to travel to Wilkes-Barre," said Thier.

While the change is difficult for the family business, there's one thing they want their customers to know:

"Thank you. Thank you for so many years," said Geise.

Everything in the store is now 50% off.

The store is open everyday this week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

They aren't sure of an exact closing day, but will be closed the week in between Christmas and New Year's. They'll reopen January 2nd.

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