Halloween parade cancelled amid roadwork


NORTHUMBERLAND, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WOLF) -- The Halloween parade here won't go on this year due to safety concerns related to road construction.

PennDOT says a $14-million project is underway on Duke Street to re-do four streets that had old brick or concrete underneath.

Borough secretary Jan Bowman says traffic is being detoured to streets that would have been the parade route. More parking has also been pushed onto side streets, so the parade committee decided it would be hard to re-route the parade, and some of the other streets are hilly.

"I would rather they have it, but I understand," says resident Rachel Gross. "We always sit on our porch and all of our friends always gather here to watch the parade with us."

"We got kids here that enjoy all that and now we gotta travel out of the area to see it," says resident Ben Kerstetter. "We've got people running red lights here ,almost hitting kids. This construction's absolutely ridiculous!"

The road project is set to take three years and it's undecided whether the parade can be held next year.

Bowman says police wrote nearly 500 tickets since July for tractor-trailers that aren't supposed to be in town, and should be using a detour.

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