Governor Wolf wants to get rid of licenses for barbers, other professions

Monica Rosario is a high school student in the process of becoming a beautician and a barber. She's taking courses at a CTC school and shadowing at the Styles by Connie shop in Scranton. She hopes to get her barber's license, but pretty soon she may not even need one at all.

That's because Governor Tom Wolf is proposing to cut the need for one, along with eliminating the need for a license in 12 other fields. His office says "over-licensing makes it harder for skilled workers to get into a profession", claiming it lowers pay and increases costs for consumers.

"I think it does help because I know families that have struggled and they don't have the money to pay for it," Rosario said.

Fox 56 spoke to local barbers and consumers about the proposal, which has been met with mixed feelings.

"It's expensive. It does cost a lot of money," Rosario said, "but I think it's worth it."

"We wouldn't want anyone to go to work and not know what they're doing. It's not just cutting hair. It's sanitation...there's a lot to it," Connie Catapano, owner of Styles By Connie, said.

William Velez is also a barber at the shop. He says some people struggle to obtain a license to cut hair.

"From when I went to school, a lot of people didn't end up doing beauty or barbering just because of that license...the trouble of going to another town to take the test," Velez said.

According to the Governor's Office, people wishing to work as barbers would still need to be registered with the state, completing courses at a certified barber school, passing a test, and completing the minimum number of training hours, which we are told is 1,250 hours.

"To have that opportunity to just get that certificate, come out on the floor and to start learning I think is great," Velez said.

The hope is to eliminate barriers to employment.

For a list of professions that the Governor wants to eliminate licenses for, click here

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