A paranormal Friday at former insane asylum

A Paranormal Friday

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WOLF) -- Do you believe in ghosts?

Whether you do or not, this old building has its some kind of reputation - featured on Sy-Fy's Ghost Hunters and Animal Planet for its claims of paranormal activity.

"It's got a great history with a rather negative past. This started out as a poor farm, it was a convalescent home, an insane asylum, an animal research lab, so, when you mix all that together, there’s just a lot of suffering here throughout the years.”

Suffering that Paranormal Investigator Mark Keyes says sometimes results in spirits not being able to move on after they die.

He and his team say they’ve experienced activity in these very halls - like footsteps, voices, and figures. The current building owner says they've had police respond 52 times to an alarm continuing to go off.

“When you’re talking about a ghost, or an earth-bound spirit, that’s someone who doesn’t transition properly to where they’re supposed to go and they get stuck or just by will want to remain where they’re at and they stay here on a physical plane," says Keyes.

Tonight amidst chipped paint and rusty pipes he’s teaching a few brave of heart about the causes and cures of hauntings before giving a tour of the facility.

His organization, the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, helps resolve uncomfortable hauntings for people who believe they have paranormal activity going on.

“If there is spirits out there just kind of wandering around and doing the same thing day to day - it’s kind of sad to think about being in that endless cycle," said lecture and tour attendee Gina Ann.

There were over over five thousand people that expressed interest in attending tonight, but quickly sold out its twenty spots. He says he hopes those here leave with more of an open mind - and maybe have an encounter.

“I grew up in Scott Township so every day we used to drive by for school and me and my friend used to go walking and would always say it would be so awesome to come inside and actually see what it was all about," said attendee Lindsey Cavalow. "I really didn’t think that it would be this erie in here. It definitely sets the feel - especially for Friday the 13th - to be in here."

Keyes says that while it's a great place to hold a lecture during the month of Halloween, he impresses upon people to keep in mind the amount of suffering that has occurred in the building over the years.

"People suffered in life, and we don't want them to suffer in death. So we're very respectful of that," said Keyes.

He says that Friday the 13th doesn't necessarily mean there will be more paranormal activity.

Keyes says if you're experiencing uncomfortable paranormal activity in your home or work, you can reach out to the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association:

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