Former Bloomsburg Mayor pleads to prostitution charges

Eric Bower, 36, former mayor and town constable of Bloomsburg.

The former mayor of Bloomsburg pleaded no contest Wednesday to the prostitution charges against him in Columbia County.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro says Eric Bower, 36, was charged with patronizing prostitutes back in April after soliciting sex from a state police confidential informant.

Bower was sentenced to one year's probation and ordered to pay court costs and a $500 fine, according to Shapiro.

The former mayor and town constable resigned from both positions in May after waiving his preliminary hearing on the charges.

Bower told FOX56 before resigning that he and the woman pressing charges against him had an ongoing relationship for several months.

Shapiro says the confidential informant told police that she had sexual contact with Bower in exchange for cash multiple times.

Bower is also ordered to undergo counseling and to turn in his firearm.

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