First babies born in Luzerne County

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(WOLF) -- 21-year-old Courtney of Pittston welcomed her son Lorenzo into the world at 6:45 Monday morning in Wilkes-Barre General’s maternity ward.

At 19-and-a-half inches, six pounds, and three ounces, he’s the first baby born in Luzerne County in 2018, coming almost a week sooner than his due date on January 6.

“Overwhelmed. Wasn’t planning on it. Didn’t think he was going to come early, I thought he was going to come late.”

Family including her mom, grandmother, and 12-year-old little brother and new uncle Nick, were by her side.

Joking as only siblings can when Courtney was asked about all the fanfare.

“I don’t like it!” Courtney said.

“Yeah, she’s never had this much attention,” Nick said.

She says she wanted to share her son with the community today, so he’ll be able to look back on it later.

“I was on the fence and then I was like you can only make the news once and, you know, it doesn’t happen very often. And he’ll have a memory from when – he probably won’t even remember.”

Just a few hours later and a few miles away, little Austin Michael said hello to 2018, weighing 8 pounds… and nine ounces.

First-time parents Kaitlyn and Anthony welcomed him at Geisinger Wyoming Valley in Plains Township and he’s right on time – arriving on his due date.

“This is an interesting new way to ring in the New Year, its definitely different, I’ve been working for the past four years, but this year has definitely been the best way to ring in,” Kaitlyn said.

Kaitlyn says she was a little skeptical about doing interviews, but like Courtney, wants to show Austin the photos and videos one day.

She also shared what she’s most excited about once they’re all finally at home.

“Definitely getting to see childhood in a different light through my son’s eyes. And being able to experience things that I get to see through him and that’s going to be the most exciting part.”

According to UNICEF, 386,000 New Year’s babies will have been born today.

India is expecting the more at nearly 70,000, while the United States is expected to welcome more than 11,000.

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