Firefighters remind public to shovel around fire hydrants

Firefighters remind public to shovel around fire hydrants

KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- In the bad winter weather, first responders are asking for your help.

As snow and slush build up, it can cover fire hydrants and limit access for firefighters.

They need about three feet surrounding the hydrant to get connected to a hydrant, otherwise they may spend precious time digging it out.

Local firefighters say sometimes when the snow piles up, they can't even see it and wind up having to find one down the street.

Some people even shovel snow onto the fire hydrants.

"It's very frustrating. We have a hard enough job to do, especially if there's a life safety issue. Especially if someone were to be trapped in that burning building. It's a very big priority to us - it's our first priority - so we need to get access to that fire hydrant to get water to the fire engines so we can put the fire our," said Kingston Firefighter/Paramedic Chris Hadesty.

Make sure your sidewalks are cleared too so emergency crews can get to you if needed.

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