Faith and Forgiveness | FOX56 News Special Report

Faith, forgiveness and finding a way through darkness.

A Scranton woman says she was sexually abused by an Irish priest decades ago.

And after going to the Diocese of Scranton for help, she believes she was made to feel crazy.

Following the PA Grand Jury Report outlining sexual abuse in the church, Lindy Morelli recounts her powerful story with us.

After a deep crisis of faith, you'll hear how she instead strengthened her belief in God.

"I was so scared by what he said and I was so hurt that they could have this big disparagement between what they stood for and what they were doing. I just couldn't believe it and it was crushing me spiritually," Morelli said.

FOX56's Katie Berlin dives deeper into the issues facing the Catholic Church.

You can catch the special report, "Faith and Forgiveness" Thursday night at 10 p.m.

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