Kayakers recount finding body in Carbon County creek

On Sunday, April 22, 2018 two kayakers found a body in the Pohopoco Creek in Parryville, Carbon County.

Two kayakers are recounting a terrifying moment in the water over the weekend.

A simple outing quickly turned into an emergency when they discovered a body in a creek in Carbon County.

On Sunday night, Gavin Sherer and Elizabeth Gulich decided to kayak down the Pohopoco Creek in Parryville.

However, they didn't make it very far before they noticed something odd in the water.

"We're just looking at it, and he's like 'wow, this looks like a dead body.' Me, knowing him, didn't believe him at first. Then, I was like, 'wow, that really does look like a dead body.' Then, comes to it, it was someone face down in the water,” Gulich recounted.

"We went out, around seven o'clock, just thinking to go out for a little kayak ride. Then, we came upon that and it just went from having fun to being shocked,” Sherer added.

Realizing a simple paddle turned into an emergency, Gavin first called his parents for help and then called police.

"Everybody else came, like the cops and the Fish and Boat Commission. It took a little bit, but they pulled the body out,” Sherer said.

Late Monday afternoon, State Police revealed the body is that of a male.

However, who he is and how old remains a mystery.

"The dive team said the body was wrapped in some kind of tarp, some kind of plastic or something. But, from the way we saw it, it just looked like some kind of decayed person,” Gulich added.

Those who live here say this incident has awoken the small town just below the turnpike.

The last incident of this magnitude happened here nearly thirty years ago.

"A little baby was found over there years ago,” resident Robert Marasiak said.

Gavin is a firefighter so he's seem some grueling images.

Yet, he says what he witnessed last night may be one of the worst.

"Upper end. Pretty high and scary. Creepy stuff,” he said.

State Police aren't releasing any other information about the investigation at this time.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

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