EXCLUSIVE: Shaheen Mackey's family says county is refusing to give them answers

    Shaheen Mackey's sister and daughter say Luzerne County hasn't given them any insight into what happened to the 41-year-old.

    UPDATE: An investigation into the death of Shaheen Mackey, an inmate at Luzerne County Correctional Facility, found no wrongdoing on the part of the officers.

    Mackey reportedly suffered from violent tendencies and personality shifts.

    He appeared to be in the middle midst of one back in June when officers attempted to restrain him leading to heart failure.

    His autopsy confirmed that he died of natural causes.



    ORIGINAL STORY: It’s been a month since a man died following a scuffle with guards at the Luzerne County Prison.

    Now, Shaheen Mackey’s family says they still don’t have the answers they deserve.

    “Why wait? Show the tape. If it’s nothing to hide, come outside. There should be no reason why we didn’t have the tape,” Mackey’s sister Rasheda Hammonds said.

    Mackey’s family says the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office still hasn’t given them the answers they deserve.

    “My lawyer filed a right-to-know suit. So, we as a family have a right to know what happened to our loved one, what happened to our family member. So why procrastinate? Show the tape,” Hammonds added.

    Hammonds is referring to video surveillance her family believes will show what happened here inside the Luzerne County Prison last month.

    As we reported in June, 41-year-old Mackey died two days after suffering a medical emergency during an apparent scuffle with prison guards.

    While the family believes it may have been a seizure, they say it still doesn’t explain the bruises to his body.

    Mackey’s daughter Tati Mackey graduated high school just days after his father’s death.

    On Saturday, she and her family will host a celebration of life to honor his legacy.

    ”It’s really sad. But, I’m trying not to be sad. My dad is like, he’s not a sad person, he’s a funny person, Tati said.

    Mackey’s lawyer Theron Solomon believes the county is doing everything they can to not show them the video.

    “This video exists, there’s not a reason in the world that we shouldn’t be able to see it, that the family should be able to see it. We didn’t even ask for a copy, we just asked to view it,” Solomon said.

    Solomon says the county has provided little information.

    They claim the investigation is still ongoing.

    But that’s not enough for Solomon.

    ”We want real answers. Not bits and pieces. Not hand-selected material. We will get the answers. One day we will have all of the answers,” Solomon added.

    The public is invited to Mackey’s celebration of life.

    It’s happening Saturday night at 8 at the 4U2Rent at 400 Middle Road in Nanticoke.

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