Ex-broadcaster gets drive-time radio slot


THROOP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WOLF) -- Former broadcaster Frank Andrews Shimkus is going back on the air, and resigning as the mayor of Throop.

Andrews has been named the new afternoon host at WILK FM 103.1, effective Oct. 30. His name will still appear on the November ballot.

Andrews, 65, says he can't continue in office since he would have an unfair political advantage by being on the radio three hours a day, and that could cause an FCC issue.

He says he's taking the gig in part to help support his youngest kids, 19-month old twins, including one girl, Harper, who has cerebral palsy and visual problems.

We also asked the former Democratic state rep about his viewpoints after former WILK host Steve Corbett told our news-gathering partners at the Times Leader that he was fired due to an anti-Trump stance.

"I would say I'm conservative, but not wacky conservative. I've done talk radio. I'm open to a lot of points of view," says Andrews. "The reason I'm holding her is because she's kind of the reason that I would even consider this. I'm coming out of retirement. I was asked to consider it and I'm considering it because it helps her."

He says he did not know he would ever get back into broadcasting. Now, he's encouraging his wife, Gabrielle Shimkus, to go for mayor since that position will be appointed.

Andrews says the position should run for a two-year term until a special election, although it would have originally been a four-year term. He expects to resign a second time as mayor-elect after the November election.

He takes over the radio slot briefly occupied by L.A. Tarone, who died from lung cancer in June.

Andrews says he started in broadcasting about 50 years ago as a teen at a Carbondale radio station, WCDL.

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