Electric City Tattoo Convention wraps up

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- Lots of people in Scranton walked away with some new ink Sunday.

The ninth annual Electric City Tattoo Convention wrapped up at 8 p.m.

Nearly 200 tattoo artists from all across the country and even as far as Canada filled up the second floor of the Scranton Hilton starting Friday afternoon.

In addition to tattoos, people could also enjoy a sword-swallowing show and various local vendors and items including crystals, taxidermy, and digital photography.

“I mean its word of mouth. So over the years we’ve kind of got a good reputation and the tattoo community especially so people want to come out and do this show. We don’t really have any booths so we usually have the same people come back or most of the same people come back and then their friend might tag along. And then it takes us about six months to get this all together. We start back in like October, November to get things started and plan things out and see if there’s anything we can kind of do differently from the year before or just to change it up a little bit so people don’t come out and they think its getting stale,” co-promoter Woody Wodock said.

The convention is held during April each year.

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