Eagles-themed bar hosts game day party in Frackville


FRACKVILLE, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WOLF) -- These Eagles fans in Frackville are pumped up.

Its the team's first Super Bowl appearance since 2004, so Cindi Mazzagatti and her husband, known as "Mazz", knew they had to put on the party of a lifetime.

They've owned Mazz's Corner Cafe on North Nice Street for 24 years.

"Immediately upon ownership it became an Eagles sports bar. And over the years it has grown, even more and more we have so many customers that now come and they know of us from all different areas. I mean, we have people who come from as far as Hamburg, Mt. Carmel."

Mazz is from Philadelphia and has been an Eagles fan all his life.

Cindi became one after they got married back in 1978 and their entire restaurant is decked out in Eagles memorabilia, including this signed jersey from tight end Zach Ertz.

Its a hidden gem in this Schuylkill County community that local Birds fans can't get enough of.

"As you can see everybody loves it. Most of these people here are from out of town and they came here in a snowstorm," Georgene Anthony, of Frackville, said.

The bar usually hosts watch parties throughout the season, but this one is extra special.

After every touchdown patrons chant the Eagles fight song and the Rocky theme plays during commercial breaks until the action starts again.

Its a night nearly everyone here has been dreaming of.

"Since I was yea high. I bleed green and this is the year we're going to the Super Bowl and its going to be great," Dorice Derr, of Frackville, said.

"If they play like they did against Minnesota, New England doesn't have a chance. And I'll tell you what, we're playing great ball, Nick Foles is doing a super job, the defense is doing a great job, and all I know is the people here at Mazz's... we love you Eagles! E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES! And that's beautiful!" John Bucky Byer, of Park Place, said.

Now that the Eagles have won the title, many of tonight's partygoers plan to head down to Philadelphia for the parade later this week.

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