The ultimate Eagles fan man cave

Eagles Man Cave.jpg

If you thought you were an Eagles fan, wait 'til you see this guy.

Barry Vagnoni’s field of dreams is the ultimate man cave for any Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Vagnoni, a self-described “wackjob Eagles fan” who bleeds green, has turned his passion for the Birds into an indoor spectacle to behold.

He built this shrine to the Birds 13 years ago, spending the money he and his wife were going to use to build a winter retirement home in Florida.

“I would tell you but my lovely wife is standing across the room, but it cost a lot of money,” Vagnoni said. “A lot of hard work, a lot of money, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this but it’s my passion and I love it.”

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Vagnoni, who’s friends call him Barry “The Hatchet” named the place “The Locker Room.”

Super Bowl Sunday, the beer will flow and all the 16 high definition TV’s will be blaring, including the ones in the bathrooms of “The Locker Room.”

“You’re like in a movie theater, Imax no less, when you’re in here on game day,” he said.

Vagnoni estimates about 200 of his closest friend and family will pack the locker room on Sunday, when the Eagles take on the New England Patriots.

“My cardiologist and my family doctor and my specialist are coming because they’re worried about me. On game day, I’m like an animal,” he said.

And Vagnoni is already prepared with a celebration if the Eagles win.

“On Sunday night when we win, I already contacted the Mayor’s office in Reading,” he explained. “Put a note out there. Put a warning out there, because they’re going to see a bright light. It’s nothing but “The Hatchet” smiling so wide. It’s going to light up the whole city. I just want this so bad.”

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