Dupont church changes bell ringing schedule after complaint

    Dupont church changes bell ringing schedule after complaint

    A church in Dupont is making some changes to its bell-ringing schedule after complaints that they were too loud, too early.

    While the new bells were a welcome sound for many parishioners, one man living nearby said the 7 a.m. ringing was having an impact on his already challenging health.

    Two steel bells used to ring from the Sacred Heart of Jesus church, but were replaced in the 60s by an electronic system.

    This past October, the original sound was brought back to life.

    "We love hearing them. They make a joyful noise," said Father Thomas Petro, the pastor of Sacred Heart.

    That noise wasn't as joyful for Bill Mogenson, who lives about a block away.

    "Four months ago I get raised out of bed [by the noise]. So it was hard," he said

    Mogensen has had a series of health issues, ranging from arthritis and diabetes to bone cancer and various blockages.

    He was looking forward to the bells coming back, until the amount of ringings and their volume started messing with his health.

    "Especially when you get migranes," he said. "It vibrated the walls."

    "Ours are the actual bells themselves which provides something of a Doppler effect and the sound carries a little bit further," explained Father Petro.

    A few days ago, a compromise about the bells was made.

    "We decided it's important to be a good neighbor," said Petro.

    The bells have now started ringing at 8 a.m., which is an hour later.

    It's a change that has made Mogenson happy.

    "I feel pretty good today for a change, you know," he said, "I got some rest!"

    Churchgoers are pretty pleased too.

    "We belonged to Saint Peter and Paul in Avoca and it was torn down and we used to hear the bells chime every day," said Avoca resident Scholastica O'Hop. "Now I don't hear those any more anymore and I'm glad to hear these. They're beautiful"

    The double bells will ring a bit earlier on Sunday. Then, it'll be at 7:30 a.m., right before mass starts.

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