Drivers urged to use caution as roads may turn icy overnight

PennDOT says their goal is to make the roads passable, and that it's not always possible to get rid of all the snow and ice.

If you were out on the roads at all Monday, you may have needed to take your time.

With temperatures around freezing, the pavement could be slick.

"Oh, I'm over it! I'm over it! No. I want to go down South,” Cesar Garcia said.

Garcia, a Stroudsburg resident, is ready for warmer weather.

"Only January. Just another two and a half, three months left. But still, that's going to feel like forever,” he added.

Late Monday morning, a wintry mix moved through the area, leaving grounds wet, and even forcing some schools to send students home early.

PennDOT reduced the speed limit to 45 miles per hour on Interstate 80 and several others during the afternoon rush.

They say their goal is to make the roads passable, and that it's not always possible to get rid of all the snow and ice.

At the Stroudsburg Public Works Department, crews worked overtime to treat the roads.

"There is that potential that it could freeze back up. Always use caution when you're out there. Treat every road as it's slippery. Even if it doesn't look slippery, just remember bridges freeze before the roads surface does. So just use caution if you have to go out,” Brian Ace, Stroudsburg Borough Public Works director, said.

Crews were still able to get home in time for dinner, but that doesn't mean their job is done.

"So for overnight. yeah we monitor it. I live here in town. So, I'm constantly keeping an eye out and taking a drive through town. See if there is any slippery spots. And also, if the cops feel that it's getting slippery, they call the control center. Control will call us,” Ace added.

But don't expect to see Garcia driving around in it anytime soon.

"The only thing right now probably is walk around with my son, Play Pokémon GO. And try to keep my hands warm. That's why I have gloves, but I'm taking them off because I can't touch the screen with my gloves on!"

If you do have to travel overnight into Tuesday, PennDOT says to take your time and leave plenty of space between your car and any plow trucks.

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