Dozens audition for 'NEPA Sings' in Kingston

    Dozens audition for 'NEPA Sings' in Kingston

    Dozens of people made their way to the Kirby Center for Creative Arts at the Wyoming Seminary in Kingston on Saturday, to audition for NEPA Sings.

    On Tuesday, 12 finalists will be chosen to compete in the live show on April 11.

    Dianna Brown, 19, of Daleville said she usually sings in coffee shops, so auditioning for a competition like NEPA Sings is a first for her.

    "I have never done a competitive atmosphere, and it's a lot more nerves. But it's exhilarating, you know? It's fun," said Brown.

    To audition, singers had to be at least 16 years old and couldn't use an instrument.

    "The age range is all over, we see kids in high school and people in their 40s and 50s," said Alexandra Macnamara, the theatre manager for the KCCA at the Wyoming Seminary.

    "Well, it was my first time I ever did something like this. I imagine it is the same feeling you would get on American Idol or The Voice or any of those types of shows. It's kind of, like, you got to give it your best in 30 seconds," said 50-year-old Mike Critchley. of Carbondale.

    Contestants could sing any song they wanted and the choices were across the board.

    "Today, I am actually doing an A Capella version of an old Kelly Clarkson song," said Brown.

    "I like country, county pop. That's the kind of music I write," said Cody Wiley, 29, of Cressona.

    "I am planning on singing Carole King," said C.C. Kanoc, of Nanticoke.

    "I sang Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton," said Critchley.

    The money raised from the ticketed show in April goes towards a local non-profit called CASA.

    "The primary mission of CASA is to recruit, train, and support volunteers in our community who then become appointed by a judge to advocate for the best interest of a child who has been removed from his or her home because of abuse and neglect," said John Aciukewicz, CASA's Executive Director.

    There are more than 400 children in Luzerne County that are in foster homes for that reason, according to Aciukewicz.

    "This gives us an opportunity to raise awareness for our program, to hopefully touch someone's heart to perhaps consider this volunteer opportunity that will have such an impact because the need is so great," said Aciukewicz.

    Click here to learn more about CASA/NEPA Sings.

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