UPDATE: East Stroudsburg Domino's raises more than $12K for LaBar family


UPDATE: Domino's says sales on Sunday reached more than $12,000. 100% of those sales will go to the LaBar family.

Richard LaBar was shot in the face during a robbery on East Stroudsburg University's campus on December 12th.


Employees at Domino’s in East Stroudsburg are rallying together after tragically losing one of their own.

The restaurant is donating 100% of its sales Sunday to the family of Richard LaBar.

LaBar died Tuesday night after being shot in the face during a robbery on East Stroudsburg University’s campus.

His memorial service was held yesterday.

The fundraiser today is a collaborative idea between the owner of that Domino’s franchise… and the Director of Operations for its franchise organization.

“One of our core values is to make a difference, so we’re always trying to give back to the community. Now, we’ve lost one of our own and its really amazing to see how the community of Stroudsburg has come together not just for us, but for Richard and his family. I know his wife and sisters have been very, very appreciative. So it really gives you motivation to keep going forward,” Woody Hermey, Director of Operations, said.

If you’d like to pitch in, call (570) 426-7007 or go to to place an order.

Domino’s in East Stroudsburg will also continue to take donations in store even after tonight.

Donations are also being taken via GoFundMe:

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