Crews Finish Day 5 of Looking for Missing Nanticoke Man

The search for a Nanticoke man stretched into its fifth day on Monday

Crews wrapped up day number five of searching for Adam Lutz Monday night.

Police say water search dogs have shown interest in the southwest corner of Lake Silkworth.

The 22-year old went missing late Thursday night near The Outpost Inn. which is across from Lake Silkworth.

"We have had five different dogs all showing, you know, interest varying from interest to very strong interest in one area," said Northeast Search and Rescue Chief Bruce Barton. "I feel fairly confident, but there again it's never 100%. It's having to interpret the dogs."

Monday, crews spent the majority of their time in the water.

Their search area: between one and 20 feet deep.

They tell us there have been no significant hits on sonar.

Dive teams had to dredge through weeded areas since boat motors would get caught.

All efforts in the search mission are volunteers, except for the police.

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