Courtright announces $300,000 in renovations for Crowley Park

Crowley Park.jpg

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- The mayor of Scranton announced $300,000 will go to renovations to Crowley Park in Green Ridge today.

Mayor Courtright outlined plans to install a new multi-use court, green space, playground equipment, and a wellness loop trail.

The cost is locked into the capital budget for parks next year.

"So since I've been mayor there's been people coming and asking me to do something with the park, so we started a couple years ago taking a look at what we can do and then obviously we need to find funding. So we have the funding now, we have the architecture design and hopefully next year you'll see something happening here," Courtright said.

The renovations are expected to get under way next spring and will take anywhere from 30 to 45 days to complete.

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