Coughlin students show off Crusader pride at last pep rally before consolidation


    WILKES-BARRE (WOLF) -- Students and faculty at Coughlin High School got one last chance to show their Crusader pride.

    They packed the bleachers in the school’s gym Friday giving an energetic send-off to the Crusader name.

    “Being a former student myself, I always consider myself a Crusader, but you know, we have to keep up with the change, the times as they’re changing," social studies teacher Michael Galli said.

    The changes coming their way -- consolidating sports programs in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District starting next school year.

    That means instead of blue and red, Coughlin students will join others from Meyers and G.A.R. under the blue and black colors of its new mascot -- the Wolfpack.

    “Well we’ll be gone by the time it combines, but I think it was needed definitely. So it will be good to see everyone come together and play as one in the district," Coughlin senior Tony Egidio said.

    School administration set up today’s rally as a conclusion to the winter sports season after last year’s final homecoming rally was well-received by students.

    The highlight of the rally was a three-pointer competition, along with some cheerleading routines, and speeches from faculty.

    “You can tell the Crusaders’ spirit is still alive, you know, the kids love it when the flag is out. Both Alexes did a great job and its been a tradition, that flag goes pretty much anywhere," Galli said.

    And even though it’s the end of an era, students we spoke with say their peers are welcoming the change and new teammates.

    “A lot of them like the idea of it. A lot of the basketball teams like the idea, football team they like the idea. I mean, a lot of sports definitely need it like the wrestling team and tennis team don’t have a lot of people to go out for them," Coughlin senior Ajalaya said.

    Those changes and the Wolfpack mascot officially take effect at the beginning of next school year.

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