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Conserving Energy During Hot Days

Very High Scorching Temperature{ } Thermostat
Very High Scorching Temperature Thermostat
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As we approach the midway point of summer, hot days have been creeping in each week in Northeast PA.

Lately, our area has seen days with highs in the upper eighties and lower nineties.

The NRG corporation encourages homeowners to take necessary steps to save energy during these heat waves.

NRG is an energy supply company that provides the physical energy that is transmitted into the poles and wires utility companies put up

The company says keeping blinds and curtains open can cause sunlight to come into the home and make your air conditioning unit run thirty percent more than normal.

They encourage closing blinds or curtains during those periods of hot sun

Some basic tasks like cooking and doing laundry can even impact the amount of energy that your home

“You want to try to do as many loads or as big a load as possible, go big whenever possible. Don’t try to separate it out if you don’t have to” says Dave Schrader, NRG Home Communications Senior Manager

Dave also encourages homeowners to wash their clothes in cold water because it uses less energy when doing so.

Also, make sure that you are using your dryer consecutively with loads because once it cools down, it will take a lot of heat and energy to power it back up.

I looked around our station here at FOX56 and found some ways that we have been saving energy, like closing blinds, switching to LED lights, and a task as simple as turning off lights when not using spaces and unplugging items not in use.

If you feel that your AC is not blowing out cold enough, check that filter!

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NRG says to check and if needed, replace your air filters. A clean air filter keeps your A/C running at peak condition and be the most energy efficient

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