Community rallies to remove fallen tree from home in Shickshinny

SHICKSHINNY, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- Today, people in Shickshinny teamed up to remove a fallen tree from a home.

That tree uprooted Thursday on Nicely Street in the borough. It fell onto the home at 10 Nicely St., cut the sewer line to 11 Nicely St. across the street, and took down power lines.

Since then, its blocked traffic as borough officials tried to figure out who’s responsible for removing it.

A code enforcement officer initially said that the tree was on the property of 11 Nicely St., however, the borough continued to look into the issue.

In the meantime, members of the community got together to start removing that tree themselves this morning.

“We were kind of rallying around as neighbors saying somebody’s got to do something. You can’t just leave it like that and its going to rain. Last night, we were sitting on the porch, me and some of my friends and family and talking and we made one phone call to Pastor Boston and that was kind of the spark that got this whole thing going. He started calling people, Facebook-ing people, and everyone joined in. And what we ended up with was probably 30 people,” Shickshinny resident Kevin Morris said.

Neighbors also called the mayor to that clean up today.

After reviewing a photo of the tree while it was still standing provided by the homeowner of 11 Nicely St., she determined it was on borough land. Then, she and the borough council president called a tree removal service to help get rid of the rest.

“Its great to see this sense of community, people coming to help people. I grew up here, moved away for 29 years, recently moved back, became pastor of the church and I always imagined moving back to Shickshinny for those same reasons. That’s my memories of Shickshinny – is community,” Randy Boston, pastor of Bible Baptist Church, said.

The mayor says borough council will be working on a plan to repair the damage to those homes.

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